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Our story began in 1933, when a group of Colorado entrepreneurs founded Taggart Insurance as a home and auto insurance agency. Since then, our team has evolved to include experts and specialists in commercial insurance, bonding, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, home, auto, life, private client insurance, and more.

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About Taggart Insurance

Our Approach

Even in the early days, we wanted to challenge the norms of traditional insurance agencies. We noticed that most agencies didn’t take a consultative approach — a “one size fits all” strategy was often considered enough. From the beginning, we knew that a completely different strategy would be the key to success for our commercial and individual clients.

At Taggart, we believe that choosing an insurance partner is as important as selecting an attorney, accountant, banker, or any other important advisor.

Boulder’s Most Trusted Insurance Partner For Over 80 Years

We work with businesses and individuals throughout the country, but our roots are in Boulder, Colorado. The town’s spirit of creativity and entrepreneurism have had a lasting impact on the way we approach client service, too. By protecting our clients’ finances, and thus their futures, we give them the confidence to explore a new business venture, expand operations, add that addition onto their home, and so much more.

Taggart’s consultative approach to client service, plus our people-driven culture, have been the bedrocks of our success for more than 80 years. Whether you need commercial or private insurance, we’re more than a vendor. We’re your partner in a constantly changing world.

We have a proven track record of adapting to meet the needs of evolving lifestyles, business risks, and employee expectations. Now, we can design an insurance program to protect the foundations of your own success.

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