Network breach. What did you just picture? Perhaps a hacker typing away in a remote location, exposing your data, and a mounting public relations disaster?

If you are a Taggart Insurance client with active network security and privacy liability coverage, you probably pictured something much less menacing.

Also known as cyber liability, these policies protect the insured against losses for the failure to protect a customer’s personally identifiable information (Social Security Number, credit card numbers, medical information, passwords, etc.) via theft and unauthorized access.

We work with our clients to provide resources and evaluations intended to prevent and respond to network security issues. The keys to successfully defending against cyber attacks on your network are preparation and partnership.

Get Ready

Locking up data often requires putting your network and devices on lock down. Consider these often-overlooked physical points of vulnerability and take action to protect your network and its contents.

Lock It Up

Your server room and any other locations where network devices are stored should be secured from physical access. Devices themselves should be secured to workstations or locked in protective cases when not in use to prevent issues such as a laptop from being carried away or an external hard drive from being pocketed.

Utilize Surveillance Methods

Logbooks recording the identity of each person who enters secure areas are helpful in tracking past access. Video surveillance goes a step further and can be configured to trigger motion detection alerts.

Clear up the Clutter

Remove outdated equipment and unused computers and devices from public and shared areas, including those of employees on vacation. For workstations that are needed, yet used infrequently, be sure to install extra security measures to deter unauthorized access.

Protect Your Printers

Many modern printers store scans of documents in their internal memory. Theft of a device or unauthorized duplication of stored records on printers and scanners can expose your data. When printing documents, take care not to make unnecessary copies, pick up prints immediately, and shred them once they are no longer needed to prevent hard copies from falling into the wrong hands.

Partner for Cyber Protection

Loss mitigation and working with an experienced insurance professional are critical. Taggart Insurance has access to experts and a large network of coverage options.

We partner with you to provide a detailed assessment of your operation and practices designed to help you quickly understand and gauge key areas of risk.

Cyber risk assessments may include:

  • Response readiness to validate your incident response plan so people know how to correctly react to a cyber incident.
  • Phishing simulations to test your workforce with a simulated email attack.
  • Network vulnerability scans to test your external network for common vulnerabilities.
  • Security benchmarking to monitor your cyber security scores from the outside-in to help accurately measure your security performance.

A Fresh Perspective

The Taggart Insurance team can provide fresh eyes and solutions to secure your network. Contact us today for an outsider’s assessment, actionable suggestions, and comprehensive solutions.