Employee Benefits
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Employee Benefits

As an extension of a company’s HR department, Taggart simplifies employee benefits

Demand for talent is high, and today’s employees want comprehensive benefits packages from their employers. Managing staff benefits quickly gets complicated, but Taggart has the tools you need to attract and retain top performers. Our team of experts guide your business through the entire process with a blend of comprehensive employee benefits solutions and personal service.

Understanding Employee Benefits

In the current job market, employees have options when choosing an employer. To draw them in, you need a comprehensive benefits program. Every employee benefits plan is different, but a typical package could include several different types of group insurance, including:

Group Health Insurance
Health insurance is the benefit employees want most. Taggart clients even receive support and resources to help them navigate ever-changing healthcare laws.

Group Life Insurance
The most well-rounded benefits packages include life insurance. It’s an attractive addition to any program, and Taggart clients have access to wholesale rates at surprisingly affordable prices.

Voluntary Benefits
Dental, vision and long term care insurance are supplemental to core health insurance and retirement savings plans and are typically employee-paid through salary-deferred contributions. They can be a cost-efficient way to provide additional coverage to employees, who can purchase these plans through their employer at a lower, group rate.

Group Wellness Benefits
Show employees that the company cares about their well-being, and potentially reduce the cost of health benefits through education and incentives to live a healthier lifestyle.

Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ Compensation coverage pays benefits to workers injured on the job, including medical care, lost wages, and disability. Through the coordination of Health benefits and workers’ compensation benefits significant cost and frustration can be avoided – learn more here.

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Why Team Up with Taggart?

Insurance providers have access to the same products, but that doesn’t mean all employee benefits programs are created equal. How products are assembled, access to stop-loss carriers, knowledge base, and customer support are key differentiators. At Taggart, we’re more than a vendor — we’re a strategic partner, almost like an extension of your HR team. We’ll help you design and manage a benefits program that meets the needs of your business and the people who keep it running.

HR & Operations Support

Every employee benefits program we design includes invaluable management support, saving time, money, and headaches. Think of Taggart as a key part of your internal team.

Unbundled Benefits

Most benefits programs are sold as one package, but Taggart offers unbundled benefits. You get everything needed to meet the specific needs of employees, from pharmacy to dental and beyond, all in one unique account.

Self-Funded Health Plans

Employers and employees can save money through this non-traditional type of healthcare. Premiums are paid to your company, then the funds are used to pay for medical claims.

Attract Top Talent

If you want to attract and retain high-performing employees, a comprehensive benefits package will give the company a competitive edge amongst job seekers.

Beyond Employee Benefits

Most employees don’t take full advantage of their benefits. They don’t understand what’s offered or where to turn for answers, but we encourage your employees to contact Taggart with any questions.

Peace of Mind

In business, peace of mind is invaluable. Our exceptional advisors and blue chip insurers are committed to protecting employees, so you can focus your energy on business growth.

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