Small Business Insurance
for Companies in Colorado & Across the U.S.

Small Business Insurance

Partner with Taggart to create a comprehensive risk management plan. Then, get back to business

You may have a small business, but that doesn’t mean you have small risks. As any business owner knows, there’s a lot at stake. That’s where small business insurance comes into play. With a strategic plan from Taggart’s team of risk management experts, you can protect the business’s assets, property, and even income against losses.

Business Insurance

Why Team Up With Taggart?

We’ve protected entrepreneurs in Colorado and beyond for more than 80 years. But, it’s not just about best-in-class insurance solutions and employee benefits services. We believe that choosing an insurance advisor is as important as selecting an attorney, accountant, banker, or other professional advisor. As a partner in your success, our advisors strategically identify the business’s needs to ensure proper coverage (without costly overlaps). Additional benefits of partnering with Taggart include:

Fast, Friendly Service

When your small business is protected by Taggart’s expertise, you can expect quick turnaround times, 24/7 support, friendly and personalized service, and a unique solutions-minded approach.

End-to-End Solutions

Our personal approach nets the right protection for the right investment. Using a comprehensive mix of speciality insurance products, we help protect what you’ve built.

Beyond Insurance

Taggart’s business clients receive advisory support for operations and human resources, plus guidance on best practices, safety, compliance, risk mitigation strategy, and more.

Peace of Mind

In business, peace of mind is invaluable. That’s why our exceptional advisors and blue chip insurers are committed to protecting what you’ve built, so you can get back to business.

Experience the difference of genuine, personalized service for yourself and get in touch with us today.

Small Business Insurance

Business Owners Insurance Policy

A Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP) is the foundation of your business protection plan, and it includes business liability, commercial property, and business income coverage that protects:

  • Buildings
  • Business personal property
  • Business interruption
  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability

Understanding Small Business Insurance

Every small business has their own unique risks and needs, but the question remains, where is the most sensible place to begin? At Taggart, we believe it starts with a cost-effective Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP). Every BOP is customized to the specific enterprise being covered, but each plan mitigates common business risks.

We know each business is different and, because of that, we know some small businesses can benefit from increased protection. If this sounds like you, you’ve found the right insurance partner. Our experienced team uses their expertise to analyze risks specific to your industry. Armed with this understanding, your advisor will suggest the best way to manage potential losses with a combination of risk management and risk transfer, including:

Business Auto Insurance For Cars, Trucks, and Vans
If you have vehicles that are used for work, commercial auto insurance is necessary. This coverage also protects your property when employees are behind the wheel of a business-owned vehicle.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance
Over the years, we’ve seen many situations where liability claims exceed a business’s liability insurance coverage limits. Commercial umbrella insurance offers an additional layer of coverage for your business in the event of a catastrophic lawsuit or judgement.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Workers’ compensation insurance in Colorado (and elsewhere) pays for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages when an employee is injured on the job. It also provides access to specialized care so that employees can safely return to work in good health, as quickly as possible.

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