Unfortunately, it is fire season here in Colorado. During these times, it is important to know how to react not just at home, but in the work place as well.  In a fire emergency, all employees should be aware of their responsibilities and the actions they should take to protect themselves and others.  Here are a few quick tips regarding wildfires, or fires in general, at the work place.  

General Safe Practices for Fire Emergencies

  • If an employee sees or smells a fire, the fire department and building security personnel (if applicable) should be notified immediately. Designated personnel should notify all employees. Emergency telephone numbers should be posted near all phones.
  • All employees should leave the building immediately. Employees should follow all instructions about proper escape routes. There should be at least two unobstructed, unlocked escape routes or exits from each location.
  • Once you have exited the building, meet at the designated area so that a supervisor can be sure that every employee has escaped safely.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the fire department or building security has given you permission to do so.

Fire Extinguisher Guidelines

Fire extinguishers are fire protection devices that are used to put out or control small fires. These devices are not meant for use on large, out-of-control fires. In order to be prepared for fire emergencies in the workplace, it is important to understand the proper method for handling a fire extinguisher. In the event that you have to use a fire extinguisher on the job, always remember to PASS:

  • P—Pull the pin straight out with the fire extinguisher on the floor. 
  • A—Aim 10 feet back from the base of the fire. 
  • S—Squeeze the lever on the fire extinguisher. 
  • S—Sweep from side to side until the fire is out. 

Each office should have specific instructions regarding fire safety, so for more guidance on responding to workplace fire emergencies, consult your supervisor.